Digital Dentistry

Our office strives to treat every person the same, and that is the best we possibly can! This involves providing comprehensive dentistry. Comprehensive dentistry is when the entire masticatory system is in harmony with each other. The jaw joint, muscles that move your jaw, gum tissues, and finally your teeth all strive to be in perfect harmony with each other. We strive to find that perfect balance for you and come up with the least invasive way possible to achieve that for you.

Paperless Charting

Technology is an important part of a dental practice. We are proud to offer totally paperless charting. Forms are completed on an iPad or computer. All documents are scanned onto the computer. This provides a more efficient way of providing treatment for you, which is our goal.

Digital X-Rays

Although dental radiation has been a very low dose for quite some time. We are happy to provide digital x-rays, which reduces radiation by up to 70% more! Providing you a safe place to come for treatment is important to us as well.

Patient Forms

Please take time below to complete the forms necessary.  We will call or email you and provide you with a username and password.  Once logged in, please fill in the necessary steps.  You will then be shown a list of forms to be filled out.  Usually a Health History form and a Dental History form.  Please sign them and don’t forget to save them.

If you need to fill out any forms, you can find them at the following link: